Journey of the Private Moon in the Urals_Leonid Tishkov_1
Leonid TishkovPrivate Moon
7_Boy and the Moon_Private_Moon_in_Lviv_Ukraine_2012
The mobile installationPrivate Moon
15_Private Moon near The Lincoln Memorial_IMG_6959_mail
literally living the performance of a lifetime as the artist travels the world with his own Private Moon
14_Leonid Tishkov_Private Moon in the Arctic_hunter and the moon_3
series of photographs by Leonid Tishkov with a large illuminated crescent moon were taken at various locations around the world.Private Moon
Leonid Tishkov_Private Moon_Moon World_Tianliao_Taiwan
Journey of thePrivate Moon
7_Московская луна…Частная луна. Фотография Л.Тишкова и Б.Бендикова, 2003-2005
From 2003 to nowadaysPrivate Moon