Browse Album Journey of the Private Moon in Taiwan, 2012

Human can never pluck the moon,
But she always goes with our step.
Shines as a mirror over red palace,
And thru the green mist she glitters.
These lines by Li Bai became prophetic for artist Leonid Tishkov. For ten years he has been wandering all over the world with a moon, to be more precise – with an electric crescent moon, like a lunar dervish, having visited with his companion many places across the world. In 2012, the artist travelled to the island Formosa, or modern Taiwan. This journey resulted in the exhibition in the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, in the south of the island.
Project is accomplished with the help of Kaohsiung City Government, City Portal: Museum Park Public Art Project, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts.

Photographs by Leonid Tishkov and Po-I Chen